Thank You!

I may have written, but I would have no story. I may have sung, but I would have no listeners. Because of you, I do have a story. Because of you, I can share it. 


Many Thanks…Daniel, my husband, for your wholehearted support of me and this album/Gabi and Eli, you are both incredible and inspiring people and I am so lucky to be your Mom/My Mom for your boundless love and support/My Dad for supporting my music and spirit no matter what/The Hader, Tepfer, Robbins, Moskowitz and Coletti families for your steady support in word and deed/My dear friends, whom I love and who love me as if we were family/My songwriting community for nudging me into unsafe territory called "telling the truth."/Sabu, Lucien, Lacey, Ali, Jean, Terry, Lorraine, Floyd, Ed, Will, and especially Eric for your time, talent, and investment in this album/The album fundraising  concert hosts including The Berglund-Silber's, Sabbogans, Joshua and Irit Levin, Jessica Tabacken and Patrick Rico/The smartest fundraising consultants, Ali Marcus and Natalia Fior who made it sound totally reasonable to "go for it!"/To all of those who helped with fundraising, generous donations, encouragement, space to write, editing and feedback, and saw me perform in rain or shine as the songs on this album made their way into the world:

George Andrade; Avi; Aaron and Joell Auerbuch; The Bacharach-Cory Family: Dan, Julia, Miriam and Arriana; Debby Bacharach & John Palmieri; Ruth Bacharach; The Balldaras Family; S & A Barbeax; Rebecca BloomSharon Bogan, David Sabban, Justine & Nathaniel; The Booker Family: Reshonna, Regeena & Esther; Debra Cannon; Lynda & George Carlson; Susan Davis & Bruce Kochis; Eric Dodd; The Eliav's Family: Shraga, Pnina, Keren, Jon, Heather, Irit, Josh & Sammy; The Fox-Eckerling Family: Jenny, Brian, Anna & Nora; Will, Sabine & Eva Friedman; Janet Galore; Deb & Doug Glazer; The Harrick Family: Deb, Tod, Jasmine & Eliana; Raghav Kulkarni; Joel & Jennifer Magalnick, Ben & Oscar; The McDaniel's Family; Jamie and Jeff Merriman-Cohen; Yuko Miki; The Nogi-Addess Family - Jill, Dan, Jacob & Evan; Melissa & Jeff Orkin, Vivian & Miles; The Rosenjayes: Paul Jaye & Karen Rosenberg, Noah & Lila; Patrick Rico & Ava; Lenny, Ellen & Rachelle Robbins; The Ruthfeld Family: Dani, Scott, Mica & Nava; The Sahanow Family: Stephanie, Sarah & Rob; The Sarason Family: Alex, Christian, Nicholas & Ben; Shelby Shelton; Julie Shusterman; Patti Skelton; Diane Tepfer; Freda Tepfer; Marcus Weicker

Kate & Ilan

Jess & Judy

Gabe & Deepa 

Seamus, Maeve & Fiona




Behnosh, Aditya & Ria

Quin & Tim Jackins





Fortunately, I have had a lot of support. Unfortunately, it's likely that I have misspelled someone's name, only have your first or last name OR even worse, left your name off of this list! I want to know if I did. There are many possible reasons especially because many people donated money in cash and I don't know who you are or because my computer crashed one day when I was entering information! Also, if your name IS here but you would like it removed, I need to know! whatever the issue or reason, drop me a line and PLEASE let me know ASAP at - thank you!









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